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PDF Manuals

I've seen a number of download sites offering pdf manuals (which were originally free) to anyone willing to give them their bank details. Some are even linking directly to these files below. Well, screw them with a long sharp stick - here they are for free... help yourself.

Owners Manuals: ♦ Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/America/Speedmaster   (2004) ♦ Bonneville America/Speedmaster   (2010) ♦ Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/Scrambler   (2013)

Fitting Instructions: ♦ Summer Screen   (Bonneville/T100) ♦ Fly Screen   (Bonneville) ♦ Quick Release Screen   (Bonneville/T100) ♦ Bar End Mirrors   (Bonneville) ♦ Saddle Bags & Pannier Rails   (Bonneville/T100) ♦ City Bag   (Bonneville/T100) ♦ Single Seat & Rack   (Bonneville/Scrambler) ♦ Solo Rear Rack   (America) ♦ Sissy Bar & Grab Rail   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/Scrambler) ♦ Tachometer   (Bonneville) ♦ Tachometer   (America) ♦ Alarm-Immobiliser   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/Scrambler) ♦ Alarm-Immobiliser   (America/Speedmaster) ♦ Auxiliary Power Socket   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/Scrambler) ♦ Clutch Lifter Arm Cover   (Bonneville/Speedmaster/America) ♦ Centre Stand   (Bonneville/T100) ♦ Skid Plate   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/Scrambler) ♦ Dresser Bars   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton/America/Speedmaster) ♦ Dresser Bars   (Scrambler) ♦ Headlamp Grille   (Scrambler) ♦ Fork Gaiters   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton) ♦ Arrow 2:2 Exhaust   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton) ♦ Arrow 2:1 Exhaust   (Bonneville/T100/Thruxton)

Other Notes & Instructions: ♦ Jenks Bolts Tuning Notes (v4) ♦ Jenks Bolts Tuning Notes (v6a) ♦ Jenks Bolts Tuning Kit Instructions ♦ Jenks Carburretor Theory ♦ Jenks Bolts AI Elimination Instructions

bike lift  fork springs  bar end cap  rear set parts  bar end mirror

These instructions are aimed at people with at least a basic level of mechanical competence, not to mention a modicum of common sense. I cannot be held responsible for some dullard screwing things up. If you are the sort of person to hit yourself on the thumb with a hammer and then sue the shop who sold it to you, then these instructions are not for you - take your motorcycle to a qualified mechanic or, better still, sell the bloody thing and get yourself a bus-pass.

Keef's 904cc Bonneville right side  Keef's 904cc Bonneville left side

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