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Mods & Fixes
KandN filters  Keef's ugly mug  Wiseco barrel sleeves  Exhaust silencers


Air Injection System Removal

A quick guide to one of the first mods usually performed on any of the pre-EFI Hinckley Bonneville variants. If your engine is running hot at the exhaust valve, back-firing excesively on the over-run or just turning your header pipes blue - this is a good first excursion into modding your Bonnie.


Air-box Restrictor Plate Removal

Instructions on how to open up the air-flow through the stock Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and Scrambler air-box. Often one of the first alterations aimed at increasing engine performance - in combination with re-jetting the carbs and fitting more freely flowing exhausts, of course.


Air-box Removal [KARK]

A more in-depth alteration to air-flow, completely by-passing the stock Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and Scrambler air-box. Particularly suited to where big bore piston kits have been installed. A classic mod, if ever there was one.


Adjustable KARK Tool Box Cover

Another classic mod and a natural accompaniment to the KARK, making use of the redundant stock air-filter housing. So simple, even the wife can do it!


Carb Air-slide Vacuum Hole Drilling

Allowing the carburettor air-slides to rise more quickly can increase throttle response. This can be done either by fitting softer slide springs or drilling the slide vacuum hole - the latter of which is shown in detail. Again, a natural accompaniment to the KARK and big bore combination.


Bonneville to Thruxton Rear-set Conversion

How to change both the appearance and handling characteristics of your Bonnie for the better. A natural progression from fitting progressive fork springs and lower handle bars - very much in keeping with the Café tradition.


Side Stand Switch Repair

A detailed account of how to fix a common ailment without having to spend money on a replacement part.


Fork Spring/Fluid Replacement & Fork Gaiter Fitting

If you are at all serious about improving the ride and handling of your Bonnie, this is an essential modification - and another classic. Comprehensive instructions on the replacement of fork springs, as well as gaiters, are accompanied by detailed illustrations and torque figures.


PDF Manuals, Instructions & Tuning Notes

I've seen a number of download sites offering pdf manuals (which were originally free) to anyone willing to give them their bank details. Well, screw them with a long sharp stick - here they are for free, all on one handy page... help yourself.


My Bonnie and its mods... so far

A quick resumé of the modifications and additions I've made to my Bonnie - nothing outstanding or edifying, but there we go.

bike lift  fork springs  bar end cap  rear set parts  bar end mirror

These instructions are aimed at people with at least a basic level of mechanical competence, not to mention a modicum of common sense. I cannot be held responsible for some dullard screwing things up. If you are the sort of person to hit yourself on the thumb with a hammer and then sue the shop who sold it to you, then these instructions are not for you - take your motorcycle to a qualified mechanic or, better still, sell the bloody thing and get yourself a bus-pass.

Keef's 904cc Bonneville right side  Keef's 904cc Bonneville left side

A collection of Triumph Bonneville related hints, tips, musings, images and links ranging from the banal to the mildly interesting.
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