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I've had a great time modifying my Triumph Bonneville to how I like it. This non-profit site shows some of what I've done that might also work for the T100, Thruxton or Scrambler. No great shakes as it stands, but I'd like it to expand and evolve as time allows.


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KARK Tool Box CoverFlattr this

    I like to have a good selection of tools handy whenever I go anywhere on my bike. As a rule, these will include: open and ring spanners (6 - 14mm); tyre lever; pliers; 19mm combi-spanner; plug spanner; screw driver set, allan keys; 24mm ratchet socket, and; a roll of insulation tape.

Bonneville tool kit

   Having freed up the old stock air-filter compartment for storing my tools by KARKing the air-box, it occurred to me that there was very little actually holding them in place other than the Bonnie's metal side cover. However unlikely, it remained a possibility that they might rattle out somehow. So I made an adjustable fabric cover to keep them in place. Here's how...

Cover parts

    Materials [above]: waterproof bag/jacket off-cut; 7 inches (175mm) of webbing; adjustable clip fastener, plus; 65/35 polycotton thread. Also the old snorkel bracket for measuring against.

    First, cut enough material to easily surround the old snorkel bracket [right].

    Next, sew the edges over to form a hem on the inside [below]. Note the wider overlap down the straight edge which corresponds with the forward facing side of the former air-box.

Marking the fabric

Fabric cover sewnFabric cover hems

    Cut the webbing into two lengths: one of 5 inches (125mm), and; one of 2 inches (50mm). Feed the 5 inch length through the adjustable part of a clip fastener and sew the free end over firmly [right]. This will afford grip and prevent the fastener from slipping off.

    Fit the 2 inch length of webbing 1 inch through the other fastener and clip the two fasteners together.

    Then place the guard over the snorkel bracket so that each end of the straight side is over a bolt hole. Lay the webbing and fasteners on top so that the adjustable end is over the material and the other end is directly over the remaining bolt hole [right].

    Pin the adjustable end in place and sew it onto the material. Sew the webbing on the other fastener together just short of the ends [below].

Webbing through the fastenerPinning the fastener to the cover

Finished cover and fastener

Cover fitted to the tool carrier.
   Using the snorkel bracket bolt holes as a template, bradawl two holes through the material and another through the webbing - taking care not to sever the thread. If you have access to an eyelet punch, this might improve the overall appearance. Fit to the old air-box using the existing bolts plus washers [left].

    Very simple indeed - but it works well and, being adjustable, doesn't affect its capacity to hold a load of tools.

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